Customer Support Solution for Online Shops

Providing knowledge base software in online shops is probably the most essential part of the customer service process. Besides the hotline, live chats, and email support, an increasing number of online retailers are equipping their shop with an instant customer support solution, providing their shop with a powerful customer service tool. While the above mentioned solutions serve their purpose, often times the delay in getting an answer will force the customer to purchase elsewhere. An instant customer support widget like the one provided by AlwaySupport solves this problem by providing a timely and complete answer to any question. The primary reason to offer this solution is the increase in conversions that it brings with it. Some reports include double-digit numbers in conversion growth due to the implication of such a solution in the online shops.

Reasons behind the increase of the conversion rate in online-shopping


Firstly, this direct and uncomplicated support channel allows for a fast and purposeful visitor support. This in contrast to telephone support, which is boring, frustrating, and poses a so-called media switch. Customer service through email or a contact form is time-demanding and doesn’t provide immediate assistance at the moment that the visitor needs it. And support through live chat is usually unavailable for long portions of the day. Your customers need a direct and simple customer service. AlwaySupport can help online shops turn their website visitors into customers.


Secondly, live chat or telephone support takes away the privacy preferred by many online shoppers. Being personable is good, but being available all the time is even better and no other solution can provide it for a reasonable cost. Not all shoppers have the written ability, or patience, to begin a chat when all they want is basic information. AlwaySupport’s widget recognizes the context of each word so even typing a single word such as delivery will instantly provide relevant questions and answers to provide the exact info the shopper seeks.


Another reason for instant support in online shops is the increase in general customer satisfaction. Trying to start a live chat and realizing that no rep is currently available only leads to frustration and unhappy customers. AlwaySupport, as the name suggests, can provide an answer to any question, at any time, and on any device.

The Summary

Knowledge base software increases the value of your website traffic and provides a perfect support solution. Online shops can now reduce heavy support costs, increase sales, and improve user engagement. Channels like an online contact form or hotlines are not suited to reach the type of shoppers that want instant gratification. For small questions it also doesn’t pay off to take the effort of calling customer service.